The Cracked Magnifying Glass


Kageō no Miyako and the First Sōgen Fantasy Newcomer Awards

CW: sexual assault An orphaned farm girl is shaken from her monotonous routine by the arrival of a talking skull. Her runaway brother desperately clings to his menial position in the service of the lecherous merchant who once plucked him off the streets. The merchant’s current “favorite” schemes against his “rivals” to maintain his lifeContinue reading “Kageō no Miyako and the First Sōgen Fantasy Newcomer Awards”

From the Byston Well Story: Garzey’s Wing 3

The third volume of Garzey’s Wing begins where the second left off—with a dejected Chris nervously watching the hopes of the Metomeus people, and Leelince in particular, shift to the wandering knight Taurad. Taurad, who introduces himself as a nomadic Mongon from the continent of Eijia, (Chris spells out the similarities to “Mongol” and “Asia”Continue reading “From the Byston Well Story: Garzey’s Wing 3”


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